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Professional Valet Service

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Attentive Parking Services at Competitive Rates

WCVP Inc. is dedicated to providing the best parking management services in the area. Our well-mannered, uniformed attendants will add an extra touch of class and elegance to your establishment. Upon arrival, your customers will experience a welcoming first impression from our professional and courteous parking attendants. We offer our services in Tampa Bay, Florida, and Westchester County, New York.

Our Valets

Our thoroughly trained staff is well organized and efficient, ensuring that your guests experience a smooth and easy transition from their vehicle to your event. Tactful in maximizing space, they work to accommodate as many vehicles as possible while still keeping your lot safe and secure. Whether you need full-service VIP valet parking or just directional parking services, we are the team to call.


WCVP INC. will furnish all necessary equipment, including directional signs, tickets, cones, keyboards, two-way radios, and any other equipment necessary to expedite the services in a courteous and controlled manner.



We are fully licensed and insured at WCVP INC. With garage keeper's personal liability, fire, theft, and collision insurance, we are fully prepared to serve you. We also offer worker's compensation and disability insurance to our great staff.